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MARANELLO Red Passion and tradition

Inevitably the town Maranello (in the province of Modena) makes you think automatically of Ferrari which in this old Emilian village surrounded by hills and green countryside, produces cars that symbolise Italian style around the world and fascinate and excite technological excellence which sets us apart.
The presence of the prancing horse is felt throughout the city: the Factory, the Ferrari Museum, (a stone’s throw from our hotel), the Enzo Ferrari Auditorium, and the constant references that you can find in every shop, in every street of our town will make you feel a part of the passion that drives us.
At Maranello you will discover a daily life consisting of tradition and technology which is founded upon our passion for our land, our history and our excellence.

The town of Maranello is a great base for exploring the area: the area’s main tourist attractions and artistic attractions are easily reachable, it is close to the main Emilian cities and is a wonderful return base after you have finished exploring as you will be once again walmly welcomed with the same passion that we give to all our guests.


Gullies, hills, rivers e Nirano mud volcanoes

All around Maranello you have the opportunity to enjoy several nature trails.
Visit the most important series of “mud volcanoes” in the Emilia Romagna region.

The Riserva naturale delle Salse di Nirano is located on the border between the towns of Maranello and Fiorano Modenese.
Or take the nature trail along the Tiepido torrent, recommended for people wanting to experience total immersion in the Maranello nature, in direct contact with local typical flora and fauna.

If however you would like to spend time outdoors with children, accessible from Via Matteotti, there is the Enzo Ferrari Park in which there are games for children, picnic tables, benches, a kiosk, a fountain, dog boxes and bike carriers.


Modena, history and culture

The beautiful Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, the Churches and Chapels are all waiting to be discovered. Historic palaces, ancient houses, streets and alleys that still retain the charm of the past are overlooked by colourful houses that capture the charm of the town; this is Modena.

A friendly town where the charm of the past is intertwined with modernity, where every building has a story to tell and where you can immerse yourself in an environment full of taste, art and culture.

The History of the city and the territory of Modena can be discovered by visiting its many museums and by exploring its bibliographic and archival heritage preserved in the libraries of the city and the surrounding area, which bring together testaments to the community’s past and present events.

Culture is very much a trademark of Modena and its province.


Formigine Castle

Probably built in the twelfth century by the Araldini family.
In the thirteenth century. the walls of the castle contained a small village within the town.

The fortified building was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1501.

It rises on the first hills behind the town. Currently it is bordered by defensive walls with battlements and towers and terraced

Once the need for defensive systems had passed, the castles and forts were readapted for public or residential use. Thus on the lower hills you can admire Formigine Castle, renovated and home to the Castle Multimedia Museum, which offers a journey from the Middle Ages right up to the present day.


Sassuolo and Ducal Palace

The seventeenth century Ducal Palace originated from an earlier castle built in 1458 by Borso d’Este, Marquis of Ferrara and the local lord.

The castle was then converted into a palace by Duke Francesco I d’Este, and education and very ambitious man who, despite the paucity of his small duchy, played a political role of European significance and wanted his court to equal the great courts of Europe.

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